“She was an anchor in the storm, breathing with me through each contraction and helping me achieve a beautiful trance-like state during the breaks, all while helping my partner by sharing the tremendous emotional load of supporting a labouring woman.”


Christel – I had always envisioned a non-medicated vaginal birth but when medical issues caused us to deviate from the birth centre delivery my partner and I had hoped for and we needed to make quick but important decisions, Emily was there for us, holding space and giving us the confidence to ask questions and ultimately make the choices that were right for us. In what can already be such a vulnerable time for a couple, medical staff can seem intimidating and pushy so having Emily there advocating for us and giving us the courage we needed was invaluable and, without her support, I don’t believe we would have managed to keep medical intervention to such a minimum and ultimately achieve the birth that we wanted.

I consider my labour to be incredibly challenging but simultaneously very calm. Both myself and my partner relied heavily on Emily during that time and looked to her for guidance, which she always provided so gently. She was an anchor in the storm, breathing with me through each contraction and helping me achieve a beautiful trance-like state during the breaks, all while helping my partner by sharing the tremendous emotional load of supporting a labouring woman.

Emily empowered me to birth the way I wanted, she is an exceptional doula. We can not recommend her highly enough.

Claire – Emily is a gifted, intuitive, experienced and professional Doula.
As a woman she embodies all the beautiful traits one needs to feel safe, heard, honoured and respected.
She is a talented mother with first hand experience of what is required to support others embarking on the early and sometimes daunting period of parenthood.
She possesses empathy, understanding, patience and the ability to adapt to different and dynamic environments.
I feel blessed to have met her professionally and whole heartedly recommend her services. With her beautiful energy and talent regarding helping and reading people, she is an incredible asset to anyone embarking on the journey of parenthood who need a postnatal Doula.

Lucy – Emily is an extraordinary women. With a passion for life. The life of herself and the world around her. Emily has a beautiful radiant spirit, she has the ability to bring light and joy too everyone around her. She is full of energy and love for the world, connecting with those around her with deep meaningful love. Emily has the ability too “hold space”, listen with honor and empathy.She is beautiful inside and out beyond description. A fearless woman warrior of mother earth.

Claire – Emily has transformed my previous fears about pregnancy and birth into positivity and excitement. I feel so empowered and confident as I begin my journey towards motherhood. I’ve learnt so much from Emily, I found I could open up to her easily and therefore gain the most from her knowledge and experience. I am so grateful for her support and I could recommend her enough!
Thank you Emily, I can’t wait for you to meet my son.

Emma – Emily is the most wonderful friend, human and mother! She is genuinely passionate about mothers and their babies and nurturing their journey with all her wisdom, support and love. Chloe and I couldn’t have been more blessed to have had Emily come into our lives when she did. She reinforced my confidence as a new mum, made me feel like I was doing an amazing job, brought an exceptional level of calm to our home and you could see that Chloe picked up on it and loved Emily immediately. As an Registered Nurse I thought I would be prepared for a newborn more than most, however Emily brought a whole new layer to how I viewed motherhood and helped me to enjoy it so much more. She was also a huge physical help around the house, was an extra loving/safe place for baby Chloe when I took a nap/bath and brought me special treats and surprises to keep me going. I feel so lucky to have had Emily join Chloe and my bonding journey and I only hope every new mothers gets to experience a relationship like we have with Emily!

Nicole – I had the pleasure of Emily looking after my children whilst she studied to be a Doula, she is the most amazing intuitive person. she cares deeply about her profession, educating others and most importantly the mothers in her care.

Rebecca – Em has been an incredible support for me by taking wonderful care of my little bub and giving me some very precious downtime. She is just wonderful with him and he absolutely adores her and her beautifully gentle personality (and so do I!). She is highly attentive and intuitive with both our needs. Strongly recommend.

Eva – Em is wonderful doula and mum, she is full of deep inner wisdom, well travelled, and with her extensive training, has so much to bring to her work as a doula

Maria – Emily’s soul and heart are two precious tools with which she does a fabulous job. I had the pleasure of having her do my Blessing Way and it was just beautiful! She puts her attention and her heart into every detail and we could see she was truly there for us.She is very qualified, sensitive, dedicated, supportive and passionate about her work. I would definitely recommend Emily be on your side. Supporting you in this beautiful chapter of your life!

Catherine – I have recently completed a baby massage course with Emily. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have been using the techniques we learnt at home. Emily clearly models all of the techniques and clarifies any points that you’re unsure of. My daughter was so relaxed in the classes that she would often fall asleep by the end! I’ve used the techniques at home and had the same result. Baby massage is a lovely way for you to bond with your baby and spend quality time with them. I would very much recommend the baby massage course.

Ellie – I recently attended a 4 week course of baby massage with Emily, which was online due to current social distancing. Emily was so wonderful at teaching; she was patient and explained everything clearly. She gave lots of adaptations which were great for my little one who dislikes laying down for very long. We covered all areas of the body and recapped them to make them memorable. I’ve been using bits of it throughout the day, it’s a lovely way to bond with baby and to help improve muscle tone. I highly recommend these classes! Thank you so much for your amazing teaching Emily!

Louise – (Baby Massage) Emily was so friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable. She taught us so many different strokes and we covered all areas of the body in just 4 lessons. It’s such a lovely way to bond with your baby and I would definitely recommend baby massage with Emily to any new mums!

Alice – (Baby Massage Virtual Class) Just completed the baby massage class and it’s been great! Great way to learn about your babies body and how massages benefit them and yourself! The zoom call is fantastic because it’s almost like a one to one session, all participants are muted so others are not disturbed or you don’t feel on edge if your baby cry’s but at the same time you can un mute if you have any questions. Emily is a great teacher, very easy to follow and very knowledgeable! Highly recommended!!

Mimi – (Baby Massage Virtual Class) I took part in the online baby massage course and it was worth much more than it costs – highly recommend it! The explanations were very good and easy to follow, each time she took the effort to show everything precisely and was very attentive and helping us in any way possible! You can tell that she really loves her job and wants us mommys and our babies to have the best experience possible ♥️

Lorna – (Baby Massage Virtual Class) Ems was very accommodating to us as new mums with small babies. She was gentle and calm and created the perfect ambience for the session. She went at a good speed and whilst there was no way my baby would be able to be massaged the whole hour I have so many massages I can have in my tool box to calm, bond & help my baby. I would definitely recommend!

Thea – (Blessing Way Guest) Emily is an amazing doula who allowed for us to share a very special emotionally filled moment in preparation for a friend’s birth. Though the event could not be held in person due to corona, it remained just as magical through a screen. Thankyou so much!