moonWaters Illustrated birth Affirmation Cards

Twenty two beautifully crafted birth affirmation cards, designed to ensure you feel empowered, relaxed and ready to make informed decisions as your transition into motherhood.

The science behind it… As our brain is malleable, we are able to consciously rewire it and therefore have power over our thoughts and consequently our feelings. A powerful and simple way to do this is to repeat positive affirmations that challenge underlying negative thoughts. Through repetition and practice, positive affirmations can change the way you feel and think. Affirmations are incredibly powerful during the perinatal period. I have worked closely with an artist to create art that helps with visualisations; visualisation is a powerful tool which helps refocus your mind, especially in challenging times.

As a Birth Doula, I have seen first hand how powerful visualisation and affirmations are during pregnancy and birth. Women’s bodies are incredible and know how to birth their babies, what often gets in the way of a ‘smoother’ labour is negative thoughts – invest in these cleverly put together pack of cards to help prepare your mind for your journey ahead.

Included in the pack of cards is the BRAIN acronym. This is a decision making model that helps you make informed decisions. For more information on the BRAIN acronym visit . As a yoga teacher, I have also added in breathing and relaxation techqniques to ensure you are prepped in ways to calm your mind and body in pregnancy, birth and once you’ve transitioned into motherhood.

Moonwaters Services Illustrated Birth Affirmation Cards are the perfect gift for: yourself, a baby shower/blessing way, for your partner, for birthdays or Christmas’s, the list goes on.

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