Services I know and recommend

Acupuncture & Moxa

Eleanor has over 10 years experience treating women’s health with acupuncture & is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). Using acupuncture to * regulate menstrual cycles* aid fertility (both naturally & alongside IVF)* anxiety around recurrent miscarriages * morning sickness/ hyperemesis gravidarum * headaches/migraines, back pain/sciatica, pelvic pain/Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD)
She does a lot of support work with mums & birthing partners from 35/36 weeks onwards, using moxa (AKA mugwart herb) to help turn breech babies and from 38 weeks to help prepare the mothers body for labour. From 40 weeks more specific points/techniques can be used to potentially aid a more natural induction & productive contractions. 
She also supports women post-nataly with anxiety/depression & then through later stages with peri-menopausal & menopausal symptoms such as menstrual cycle regulation, hot flushes/night sweats & mood swings.

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Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Elena is a Hastings based Midwife and provides in-home massage sessions.

Phone: 07490419227


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Community Medical Herbalist – Barefoot Herbs

Nancy is a community medical herbalist in Old Town Hastings. You can head down to the shop to get over the counter advice and herbs.

3 George St Hastings, TN34 3EG


Opening Hours: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun 12 – 3pm

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Eggtooth is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Hastings that offers high quality mental health services, creative activities and a variety of projects to adults, young people, children and families. We primarily offer training, mentoring and mental health support to schools, organisations and individuals who self-refer. Our newest venture, The Nest, is an alcohol-free bar, cafe and event space in the heart of Hastings Old Town that will be home to community workshops, local creative projects and dedicated therapy spaces.

Womens health phsyio

My name is Silvia, I live in Epsom (Surrey) with my husband and our two amazing girls. 
I’m a specialist Women’s Health Chartered Physiotherapist with more than 12 years of experience between Portugal and the UK. I’m also a passionate Birth Doula and a Breastfeeding Supporter.
I have an holistic approach and my focus is to connect with you as a unique individual and work as a team to achieve your whole potential.
I want to help you to live a fulfilled pregnancy, prepare for childbirth in the best way possible and prevent dysfunctions in postnatal period.
I offer online consults, education sessions and workshops, as well as local in person support.

I have either worked with or received treatments from all of the above practitioners and feel confident in recommending their services to you

— with love, Emily