Postnatal Support

Get in touch for a free chat to hear about the ways I can tailor my services to meet your needs.


£22 per hour (£20 per hour when you book 20 hours).

£15 per hour for virtual support (via zoom)

Postnatal Doula

As a postnatal Doula, I can support you with the transition into parenthood, to name just a few of my services:

  • Birth debrief – this may reduce the chances of PTSD
  • Breastfeeding/feeding support
  • Baby Massage techniques
  • Ways to relax and soothe your baby
  • General advice on caring for a baby (Sharing 10 years of nannying experience with you)
  • Homemade meals and nutritious snacks
  • I hand blend healing teas for you
  • Coping mechanisms for sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety
  • Support for post birth physical and mental healing
  • Help around the home
  • I can care for your baby whilst you sleep and/or indulge in an essential oil bath
  • Visualisations and stress releasing techniques for you to use whilst settling your baby
  • Support for the partners
  • Care for siblings


I am based in East Sussex, England, but I may be happy to travel, please get in touch.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Emily is the most wonderful friend, human and mother! She is genuinely passionate about mothers and their babies and nurturing their journey with all her wisdom, support and love. Chloe and I couldn’t have been more blessed to have had Emily come into our lives when she did. She reinforced my confidence as a new mum, made me feel like I was doing an amazing job, brought an exceptional level of calm to our home and you could see that Chloe picked up on it and loved Emily immediately. As an RN I thought I would be prepared for a newborn more than most, however Emily brought a whole new layer to how I viewed motherhood and helped me to enjoy it so much more. She was also a huge physical help around the house, was an extra loving/safe place for baby Chloe when I took a nap/bath and brought me special treats and surprises to keep me going. I feel so lucky to have had Emily join Chloe and my bonding journey and I only hope every new mothers gets to experience a relationship like we have with Emily!