Hipping (Postnatal Healing – AKA ‘Closing the Bones’)

Hipping Ceremony Investment:

1 session (approx 1 hour) – £65

5 sessions – £300

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Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what the ceremony will consist of in detail


  • Rebalances energetic gravity centre in the body
  • Realigns the organs, tissues and ligaments
  • Drains toxins from the blood, therefore purifying the blood
  • Closes the body to avoid energy leaking – leakage of energy causes fatigue, premenopausal and menopausal issues etc (it works as a preventative for future issues)
  • Closes the birthing journey
  • A nurturing, supportive, rejuvenating and restful ceremony
  • Releases emotional trauma
  • The list goes on, this ceremony is ancient and provides physical, emotional and spiritual healing and wellness

I trained in ‘Hipping’ with Dr Rocio Alarcon (PhD Doctor in Ethnopharmacology, Curandera, Traditional Healer and founder of the IAMOE Centre in Ecuador).

Rocio is a healer, a true, spiritual, healer. She is connected to Pachamama, to the spirits, to the wind, to energy, to divine feminine energy. I don’t quite have the words, but I suggest attending one of her workshops, to sit beside her and experience her pure magic. 

Rocio grew up in the Amazon, learning beside Indigenous Shamans. She comes from ancestors of traditional midwives, all her grandmothers were Indigenous midwives; which is what brought me to her workshop on hipping (aka closing of the bones) as a Doula. I wanted to deepen my support as a postnatal Doula. I received this ceremony after the birth of my son by my Doula Eva five years ago, and it certainly helped me to close my birthing journey, it made me feel held, acknowledged, nurtured, and seen.

The course was pure magic, I studied beside a group of Doulas which of course made the training even more special, there is nothing quite like the energy of Doulas – pure empathy, understanding, belief in the power of women…

I learnt the skills to support women postnatally. We learnt about ‘magic points’ perhaps otherwise interpreted as energy points along the pubic line and in the lower back. We learnt massage strokes that drain the toxins, purify the blood and realign the organs, tissues and ligaments. We learnt how to recenter the energetic gravity centre in the body which can be off after physicological birth, instrumental delivery, caesarean birth and trauma. We learnt how to use a ‘Manta’ (commonly known as a Rebozo (Mexican term) and a scarf in the west) to wrap the hips/illiac crest and use special movements to bring the energy in to avoid it leaking out.

We may call these skills ‘techniques’, but this is a ceremonial journey. It is suggested to undergo this scared ceremony weekly within the first 40 days post birth.

This ceremony is vital, it is not only a way to close the birth journey, but also works as a preventative for issues in the future and in the pre and menopausal period. Our hips hold E-Motion, Energy Motion, we MUST release this emotion, drain the toxins, the spiritual trauma, the energy that no longer serves us.

I feel extremely blessed to have had this opportunity – I think this work is so important, so I thank Dr Rocio and her family, and our Indigenous sisters for sharing this knowledge with us, so we can bring it to the west and heal, support and hold our women. 

There is a massive gap in our culture, we really don’t hold women physically, emotionally or spiritually, we must start putting more energy into holding women post birth and post miscarriage. Women are powerful, our hips are powerful, universal healing starts with healing our women and acknowledging that we are spiritual beings.

Whether the spiritual aspect of this ceremony resonates with you or not, try to be open to to importance of the physical healing that needs to take place.

Please reach out if you’d like to be held and receive a Hipping ceremony with me.

Manta Healing

To discover more about Dr Rocio’s incredible work please visit her website – https://www.iamoe.org/