Blessing Way

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£200 (£25 off if you’re a Doula client)

Blessing Way

A Blessing Way is a ceremony with roots from Native American traditions; in short it celebrates a woman’s right of passage into motherhood. Women that are close with the pregnant mamma come together for a ceremony to bring a sisterhood bond together. Friends and family can contact me to arrange this, or you as the pregnant mother can arrange it.

I will come to your chosen location; this may be a living room, the beach (as seen in the images), a forest, it’s really up to you. It is suggested that each of the guests bring a nourishing dish to end the ceremony with a feast.

Without revealing too much of this soulful experience, the ceremony includes:

  • Cleansing rituals to release negative energy
  • The creation of a flower band around mamma’s belly sharing gratitude and good wishes.
  • A guided meditation
  • Acknowledging maternal linage and tapping into feminine power to support mamma as she transitions into motherhood
  • Prepping the women with the best ways to support mamma postnatal.
  • A soulful beautiful few hours, honoring and nurturing the pregnant lady. This is an alternative to a baby-shower; the mother will leave feeling relaxed, loved, supported and connected.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Emily’s soul and heart are two precious tools with which she does a fabulous job. I had the pleasure of having her do my Blessing Way and it was just beautiful! She puts her attention and her heart into every detail and we could see she was truly there for us. She is very qualified, sensitive, dedicated, supportive and passionate about her work. I would definitely recommend Emily be on your side. Supporting you in this beautiful chapter of your life!” Maria