Emily – Mother, Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Doula, Baby Massage Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Counsellor.

Hi! Thank you for reaching out, I trust that you have come my way for support, guidance and care in one way or another… I look forwarding to walking beside you on your journey whether it be as a Doula, Yoga Teacher or Counsellor,

A little bit about me…

I believe empowerment and happiness starts from within, but sometimes we need a little guidance. I am passionate about gently guiding people on their journey to well-being. Whether it be in your everyday life, through talking therapy, or Yoga practice, or during a special period of your life, like pregnancy, birth and once you’ve had your baby; I have studied extensively and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you…

When I was blessed with pregnancy; I felt supported, heard, cared for and empowered to make informed decisions throughout my pregnancy, birth and overall transition into motherhood (predominately due to the fact that I was gifted the support of a Doula and I did pregnancy yoga). I had an incredible home-birth; there were candles, Himalayan singing-bowls, low voices and lighting, my loved ones close by, and a beautifully empowering birth. After I had my son I felt really well, tired of course (hello motherhood), but well, and I put it down to the fact that I was treated right, I was empowered, I was nurtured…

As I began to enter the ‘real world’ again (after some hibernation), it became evident that not many mothers had the blessed experience that I had and not one of them had a Doula and very few of them practiced Yoga. I soon became passionate with an inner drive to support peoples mental and physical well-being, and in particularly women’s mental health during the perinatal period.

With ten years nannying experience from ages newborn and up, I decided to upskill and become qualified as a Counsellor, Doula, Baby Massage instructor and Yoga Teacher.

I have been travelling the world for years, studying lifes beauty, learning from different cultures and working on myself, I have now returned to the UK for the foreseeable future, to work on building a hub for people to come to me to learn how to stretch, move and strengthen their body, to learn how to BREATH and to feel balanced and grounded; for women and their families to come to me for support, education, guidance and nurturing.

It is such a blessing to walk alongside you all on your journeys. Thank you for choosing me. X