I’ll hold your baby while you rest your eyes, I’ll be close by so you can rest with ease. Ill make you nutritious food, bring you warm drinks and blend you healing teas. I’ll light your candles and run your bath with herbs and essential oils. Once you feel rested and energised from the oils and food, I’ll tidy your home, let in some fresh air and light a candle to reset your space. We’ll talk about the ups and downs and I’ll hold your hand while you journey this motherhood gig. We might talk through your birthing experience (if you feel ready to). I’ll read you a relaxation and perhaps provide you a Moroccan womb steam and foot spa if you like. I’ll teach you baby massage so you feel empowered to heal your baby through the power of touch. You might cry with me and laugh with me. We will talk hormones and healing post-birth. And when you feel filled up, relaxed and rejuvenated, I’ll go home and have my phone close by for you to text or call me; and then I will return and do it all over again. It takes a village, don’t journey the start of motherhood alone; Doulas are essential, I’ve got you.

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