What are you doing today to take control of your wellbeing? What are you nourishing your body with? What kind things are you telling yourself today (I am loved/I am appreciated/I am beautiful?) What’s one thing you can do that’s just for you today? Perhaps making yourself a healing smoothie/juice? Perhaps spending 5 minutes listing all that you’re grateful for? (Food in your fridge/a roof over your head/the space to set new intentions for the year ahead?), deciding to choose to surround yourself with people who uplift you and to leave behind those that don’t? 🙏💆‍♀️ wellbeing comes from being empowered to take control of your overall health (mental, physical and spiritual). Take some time out to reflect today and think about which areas of your life you can spend more time nurturing. This morning we’ve had healthy pancakes and a smoothie. Smoothie ingredients: spirulina, almond milk, kale, cucumber, spinach, almond milk, strawberries, ginger, forest honey, chia seeds and a banana. I’m having a slow morning and will take some time to read a few pages of @thesecret365 (I read this book about five years ago and it’s powerful stuff rereading it), I recommend you have a read, @anewearth_et is another amazing read for anyone wanting to start the new year with the right mindset.

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