Loosen, Relax, Let Go. This is one of my favourite affirmations and my favourite visualisation. I loved designing this card. I chose a dandelion as when you blow dandelion seeds they float away in the air so gracefully, it’s a strong image that lots of us would have seen before. Take a moment to lie down and close your eyes, relax your eyebrows, your jaw, your shoulders, and open your hands; surrender to this moment of relaxation and imagine a gentle wind brushing over you, imagine dandelion seeds flowing off your body, watch them gracefully float in the air. When you’re in labour you can use this visualisations to help with pain relief… as your contractions/surges/waves rush over your body, imagine them floating away like dandelion seeds… what colour are they? What do they feel like? Is there a scent around you? Look out for the details on the seeds…. use all your senses, it’s helps to create a stronger visualisation. This is one of 22 cards that you’ll find in MoonWaters Services Illustrated Birth Affirmation Cards, you can purchase them on my etsy shop

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