Are you riding the wave? When we loose control we feel uncomfortable; but what if you switch the narrative and decide to surrender to what is, ride the wave, flow and have faith that all will be well. If you feel ungrounded, try some deep breathing, stretch your body, open the windows, clean your space (a tidy space is a tidy mind), write down a list of ten things you are grateful for, write down some goals. Visualise being in a safe space, perhaps on a beach? What does it smell like? What does the sand feel like? Is the sun kissing your skin? Can you hear the waves? The birds flying around you? Enter that safe space and journey there when ever you feel out of control/ungrounded. As a collective we can ride this wave 🌊 remember to smile, it’s said that smiling for 30seconds can trick your mind and body into feeling happy 😊

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