What a year! I feel so blessed to have been invited into so many scared spaces this year. I have taught around 50 mothers and families baby massage 💆‍♀️👶 ensuring that new parents feel empowered to heal their babies through the power of touch. Holding space for a strong attachment to be built – what an honour. I have witnessed new life being brought into this world, nothing beats this! I have been blessed to enter the homes of new mothers and families, I have brought herbs and oils and run baths to nurture and celebrate new mothers, I have been trusted to hold and settle babies of just a few days old. I have been trusted to teach and guide expecting mothers and fathers throughout pregnancy, shining light on what empowered, informed and safe birth can be like. Helping to release fears and to trust our incredible bodies. I’ve held blessing ways (mothers ceremonies) virtually this year, holding space for women alllll over the world 🌎 the power of technology is amazing (despite how much a resisted it to start with).I’ve learnt so much this year in all my areas of profession, and I will continue to learn. Thank you for all my great teachers… this year I was blessed to learn about Moroccan womb steaming and spa care for new mothers 🇲🇦 just amazing! This year I designed and launched MoonWaters Services Illustrated Birth Affirmation Cards which have journey around the world at such a fast pace – my cards have been chosen for the FIRST MIDWIFERY UNIT in QATAR, that is a blessing!! Thank you to all my clients for choosing me, and inviting me into such a scared time of your lives. I am grateful for you all. I have so many exciting plans for 2021, if you love my cards you’ll love the new merch that will be launched in 2021. If we have any pictures together during the time of being your doula/baby massage instructor, please share them below 📸 it always warms my heart to see them! Today I am going to turn my social media off so I can disconnect to reconnect 🍃 See you next year 💓

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